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Peter AltherrDirector
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Phillip CoxPresident
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Ajay SehgalPresident Elect
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Rinkal ShethVice President Rank & File
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Connie YipVice President Specialist
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Keith FangTreasurer
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Ballots for the 2022-2023 Bay Area Section annual election will be emailed to members with a return deadline of August 27, 2022.
For your ballot to be counted, you must vote by August 27, 2022.

  • President Elect:  Agha Bakht
  • Vice President Rank & File:  Rinkal Sheth
  • Vice President Supervisory:  Edward Thometz
  • Vice President Specialist:  Connie Yip
  • Vice President Membership:  Faheem Syed
  • Secretary:  Lalit Mathur
  • Treasurer:  Keith Fang