June 2018 Primary Election Results

PECG and the PECG PAC had excellent June primary election results.  In total, PECG took a position in 83 statewide, Senate, Assembly and statewide ballot measure campaigns.  A PECG-endorsed candidate or ballot measure prevailed in 82 of those races.

Statewide Offices:  PECG-endorsed candidates advanced to November in 8 or 9 races.  PECG made a dual endorsement in the Governor and Attorney General races.  Senator Cathleen Galgiani finished third in the Board of Equalization District 2 race and was the only PECG-endorsed canddiate not to move on.  She will remain in the Senate until 2020.

Ballot Measures:  PECG endorsed Propositions 68 and 69.  Both passed easily on Tuesday.

Legislative Races:  PECG’s candidate moves on to the fall election in 72 of 72 races, including in 11 out of 11 campaigns for open legislative seats.  On a sadder note, the recall of Senator Josh Newman was unfortunately successful, with 60 percent voting in favor.  Former Assembly Member Ling Ling Chang was the top vote-getter in the election to replacement and will take office soon.

Complete election results for PECG-endorsed candidates are below.  Open seat candidates are in bold.

PECG Constitutional Office Candidate Endorsements — June 2018

Office SoughtNameWhere They Finished
GovernorGavin Newsom1
GovernorJohn Chiang5
Attorney GeneralXavier Becerra1
Attorney GeneralDave Jones4
ControllerBetty Yee1
Lieutentant GovernorEd Hernandez2
TreasurerFiona Ma1
Insurance CommissionerRicardo Lara1
Secretary of StateAlex Padilla1
Superintendent of Public InstructionTony Thurmond2
Board of Equalization District 2Cathleen Galgiani3
Totals8/11 Advance

PECG Statewide Ballot Measure Positions — June 2018

Proposition 68:  California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.

Summary:  Authorizes $4 billion in bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects.  Prop. 68 will fund hundreds of projects and programs at DWR, SWRCB, State Parks, and other departments dependent on engineers and related professionals to improve infrastructure, provide safe delivery of clean water, and improve environmental protections for all Californians.

Position:  SUPPORT

Result:  YES

Proposition 69:  Motor Vehicle Fees and Taxes: Restriction on Expenditures: Appropriations Limit.

Summary:  Proposition 69 amends the state constitution to ensure that SB 1 revenues are dedicated exclusively to transportation infrastructure, and not diverted in the future to fill budget shortfalls.  Prop. 69 will benefit PECG members and all Californians by ensuring that the $5 billion in annual SB 1 revenue is dedicated exclusively to maintaining and improving state highways and bridges and other transportation infrastructure.

Position:  SUPPORT

Result:  YES

PECG State Assembly Candidate Endorsements — June 2018

Office SoughtNameWhere They Finished
AD 01Asm. Brian Dahle (R)1
AD 02Asm. Jim Wood (D)1
AD 03No Endorsement
AD 04Asm. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D)1
AD 05Asm. Frank Bigelow (R)1
AD 06Asm. Kevin Kiley (R)1
AD 07Asm. Kevin McCarty (D)1
AD 08Asm. Ken Cooley (D)1
AD 09Asm. Jim Cooper (D)1
AD 10Asm. Marc Levine (D)1
AD 11Asm. Jim Frazier (D)1
AD 12Asm. Heath Flora (R)1
AD 13Asm. Susan Eggman (D)1
AD 14Asm. Tim Grayson (D)1
AD 15No Endorsement
AD 16No Endorsement
AD 17Asm. David Chiu (D)1
AD 18Asm. Rob Bonta (D)1
AD 19Asm. Phil Ting (D)1
AD 20Asm. Bill Quirk (D)1
AD 21Asm. Adam Gray (D)1
AD 22Asm. Kevin Mullin (D)1
AD 23No Endorsement
AD 24Asm. Marc Berman (D)1
AD 25Asm. Kansen Chu (D)1
AD 26No Endorsement
AD 27Asm. Ash Kalra (D)1
AD 28Asm. Evan Low (D)1
AD 29Asm. Mark Stone (D)1
AD 30Robert Rivas (D)1
AD 31Asm. Joaquin Arambula (D)1
AD 32Asm. Rudy Salas (D)2
AD 33Asm. Jay Obernolte (R)1
AD 34No Endorsement1
AD 35No Endorsement
AD 36No Endorsement
AD 37Asm. Monique Limón (D)
AD 38Christy Smith (D)2
AD 39Luz Rivas (D)1
AD 40James Ramos (D)2
AD 41Asm. Chris Holden (D)1
AD 42No Endorsement
AD 43Asm. Laura Friedman (D)1
AD 44Asm. Jacqui Irwin (D)1
AD 45Jesse Gabriel (D)1
AD 46No Endorsement
AD 47Asm. Eloise Gomez Reyes (D)1
AD 48Asm. Blanca Rubio (D)1
AD 49Asm. Ed Chau (D)1
AD 50No Endorsement
AD 51Asm. Wendy Carrillo (D)1
AD 52Asm. Freddie Rodriguez (D)1
AD 53Asm. Miguel Santiago (D)1
AD 54Asm. Sydney Kamlager (D)1
AD 55No Endorsement
AD 56Asm. Eduardo Garcia (D)1
AD 57Asm. Ian Calderon (D)1
AD 58No Endorsement
AD 59Asm. Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D)1
AD 60Asm. Sabrina Cervantes (D)2
AD 61Asm. Jose Medina (D)1
AD 62Asm. Autumn Burke (D)1
AD 63Asm. Anthony Rendon (D)1
AD 64Asm. Mike Gipson (D)1
AD 65Asm. Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)1
AD 66Asm. Al Muratsuchi (D)1
AD 67No Endorsement
AD 68No Endorsement
AD 69Asm. Tom Daly (D)1
AD 70Asm. Patrick O’Donnell (D)1
AD 71No Endorsement
AD 72Josh Lowenthal (D)1
AD 73No Endorsement
AD 74No Endorsement
AD 75No Endorsement
AD 76No Endorsement
AD 77Asm. Brian Maienschein (R)1
AD 78Asm. Todd Gloria (D)1
AD 79Asm. Shirley Webber (D)1
AD 80Asm. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D)1
TOTALS60/60 Advance

PECG State Senate Candidate Endorsements — June 2018

Office SoughtNameWhere They Finished
SD 02Sen. Mike McGuire (D)1
SD 04No Endorsement
SD 06Sen. Richard Pan (D)1
SD 08No Endorsement
SD 10Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D)1
SD 12Asm. Anna Caballero (D)1
SD 14No Endorsement
SD 16No Endorsement
SD 18Sen. Robert Hertzberg (D)1
SD 20Sen. Connie Leyva (D)1
SD 22Mike Eng (D)1
SD 24Maria Elena Durazo (D)1
SD 26No Endorsement
SD 28No Endorsement
SD 30Sen. Holly Mitchell (D)1
SD 32No Endorsement
SD 34Tom Umberg (D)2
SD 36No Endorsement
SD 38Jeff Griffith (D)2
SD 40Sen. Ben Hueso (D)1
Totals12/12 Advance