• Public employee pensions are not excessive – they average $2,200 per month for retired career public servants.

  • Pensions don’t bankrupt governments – less than 3% of the State Budget is needed to pay pension benefits.

  • 79% of pensions are funded by employee contributions and investment returns, not the taxpayer.

  • Salaries for public employees are less than their private sector counterparts, underlining the importance of a secure pension plan.

News Articles

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April 12, 2017 San Francisco Chronicle

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April 11, 2017 Reuters

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May 10, 2016 Sacramento Bee

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April 20, 2016 Sacramento Bee

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January 18, 2016 Sacramento Bee

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January 18, Associated Press

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December 20, 2015 Sacramento Bee

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December 15, 2015 Capital & Main

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December 12, 2015 Sacramento Bee

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Sacramento Bee, 10/02/2015

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Mercury News, 08/26/2015

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Los Angeles Times, 08/21/2015

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Sacramento Bee Opinion, 08/14/2015

California Pension Reform Backers Slam Kamala Harris’ Summary
Sacramento Bee, 08/11/2015

California Pension Funds Saw $100 Billion Gain in 2013-14
Sacramento Bee, 07/28/2015

Latest Measure from Pension Attackers threatens Middle Class
Sacramento Bee, 07/26/2015

Californians for Retirement Security

Californians for Retirement Security (CRS) is a coalition of more than 1.5 million Californians representing public employees and retirees, working to protect retirement security for California’s middle class.  Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) is one of the founding members and is part of the Executive Committee.

CRS launched www.DontScapegoatUs.Org, aimed at legislators, a foundation funded by an out-of-state billionaire, the Little Hoover Commission, and others that are wrongly scapegoating public employees for California’s budget woes.

For facts about the assault on California public employee’s and retiree’s retirement security visit LetsTalkPensions.com.