PECG in the News

Public Employees Should Control CalPERS Election, by Mark Sheahan
September 18, 2017 Sacramento BeeLetters to the Editor

Don’t Waste Highway Money on Greedy Private Contractors, by Bruce Blanning
July 3, 2017 Sacramento Bee

Opinion:  The Reasons to be Wary of Private Cash in Transportation, by Bruce Blanning
December 13, 2016 Sacramento Bee

Union Battles Caltrans Over “Inadequate” New Office Space, $1.7 Million Partitions
September 19, 2016 Cal

California Pension Investment Ticks Off State Engineers’ Union
May 10, 2016 Sacramento Bee

Bridge Dedication Held for Late Caltrans Engineer
April 29, 2016 North Coast News

Put State Board’s Emissions Testing Lab in Pomona
March 24, 2016 Sacramento Bee

SB9 Not in Taxpayers’ Interest, by Mark Sheahan
January 31, 2016 Orange County Register Letters to the Editor

California Unions Watch Closely as High Court Considers Dues
January 12, 2016 Sacramento Bee

Blame Politicians, Not the Bridge Builders
by Roy Flores, PECG Past President
Letter to the Editor, 11/6/2015 Union Tribune

California State Engineers Ratify Contract
Sacramento Bee, 10/28/2015

State Engineers Okay Contract That Requires They Pay for Retiree Benefits
Sacramento Bee
, 10/14/2015

Brown Signs Labor Agreements
Capital Public Radio, 09/22/2015

PG&E’s ‘Shady’ Conduct Hindered Probe, Investigators Say
San Francisco Chronicle, 09/12/2015

Deal Requires State Workers to Pay Ahead for Retiree Health Care
Sacramento Bee, 09/01/2015

State Government Union Reaches Deal on Retiree Healthcare
Los Angeles Times, 09/01/2015

California State Engineers Reach Contract Deal With Jerry Brown
Sacramento Bee, 08/31/2015

Despite Vehicle-Tracking System, Caltrans Employees Speeding More
Sacramento Bee, 08/24/2015

Breaking Trust, by Art Duffy
San Francisco Chronicle Letters to the Editor, 08/21/2015

Letters: Taxes Wasted on No-Bid Contracts
Orange County Register, 08/15/2015

Brown’s Retiree Health Care Proposal Stalls,Capital Public Radio, 08/13/2015

CalPERS Investments Are Solid, by Cathrina Barros
Sacramento Bee Letters to the Editor
, 08/08/2015

Pensions, Contracts on August Agenda
Sacramento Bee, 08/04/2015

Is Caltrans Wasting Millions on Idle Staff?
Sacramento Bee, 07/28/2015

Jerry Brown, Employee Unions Set to Tangle Over Health Insurance
Sacramento Bee, 01/25/2015

Caltrans Outfits Fleet With High-Tech Devices
Sacramento Bee, 10/10/2014

What California State Workers Earn: Engineers
Sacramento Bee, 06/26/2014

Hearing Date Set for California Civil Engineers’ Furlough Case
Sacramento Bee, 06/23/2014