Governor Brown’s Proposed State Budget Includes Funding to Address the Long-Standing Salary Inequity for PECG-Represented Supervisors and Managers

January 9, 2014

The salary inequity has existed since mid-2008. Bargaining Unit 9 employees received salary increases but Governor Schwarzenegger refused to authorize similar raises for their supervisors and managers.

Over the past five years, PECG as an organization and many of you as individuals have worked tirelessly to seek to remedy this inequity — legislative efforts, administrative hearings, letters, petitions, support from department managers and others — all seeking to remedy the salary inequity which resulted, in some cases, in supervisors being paid less than the employees they supervised!

It now appears, for the first time, that we may be on the verge of achieving the long overdue inequity adjustment. Governor Brown’s Budget proposal, released today, states:

“The Budget also includes funding to address salary parity and inequity issues involving specific state managers and supervisors, particularly related to scientists and engineers.”

It is not clear from the initial published summary if the proposal includes adequate funding to provide the entire pay adjustment to all PECG-represented supervisors and managers effective July 1, 2014. If additional funding is needed to achieve that, we will immediately pursue approval of those funds.

Now that the Governor has addressed the salary inequity in his proposed Budget, PECG will work closely with the Governor’s Office and legislative leaders to ensure that the funding is included in the final Budget, to be approved next June, and that the salary increases will be implemented on July 1. The Governor’s proposal is a very positive and encouraging step.

The PECG Supervisory Meet and Confer Team appreciates the ongoing support from you, the PECG members, during this long, difficult time. Be assured we will do everything we can to work with the Governor to make the elimination of the salary inequity a reality.

Alan Escarda
PECG Corporate Vice President, Supervisory