July 30, 2014

Dear Colleague,

A couple of weeks ago we informed you that your long-awaited salary adjustment would take effect July 1 and would be implemented through two Pay Letters from CalHR, instructing the State Controller to include increases in your paychecks. The first of those Pay Letters was issued on July 8, providing a 2% increase to you, which will be included in your July paycheck.

The second Pay Letter, implementing the remainder of the inequity increase, has not yet been issued by CalHR. This appears to be due to administrative problems in ensuring that all increases are calculated correctly for Supervisors and Managers related to Unit 9 (SO9 and MO9 designations) as well as some others in state service. Since the second Pay Letter has not been issued, your July paycheck will only reflect the 2% increase. CalHR has assured us that the problem is administrative, not a delay due to financial or policy considerations, and that the second Pay Letter will be issued before the cut-off date in mid-August for August paychecks.

If that occurs, then your August paycheck will reflect the full inequity increase. As it was effective July 1 and was not reflected in your July paycheck, the difference will be included in the August paycheck or a separate check.

When the second Pay Letter is issued, we will send you another update and will link the Pay Letter.

Be assured that PECG is working continually with CalHR to implement these inequity increases.  If your July paycheck does not include the 2% increase, please notify us and we will pursue the matter with CalHR.

Thank you for your continuing patience and support in resolving this long-standing inequity.

Cathrina Barros                                Alan Escarda
PECG President                                PECG Vice President Supervisory


July 14, 2014

Dear Colleague,

The Legislature has passed and the Governor has signed a State Budget which includes funding for  long-awaited inequity increases for PECG-represented supervisors and managers. The final step is issuance of a Pay Letter from CalHR (representing the Governor) to the State Controller, instructing him to include the increases in the paychecks.

CalHR is using a two-step process. First, a Pay Letter was sent to the Controller on July 8, implementing a 2% increase for all supervisors and managers in state service. This will be followed by a second Pay Letter covering PECG-represented supervisors and managers to authorize the additional increases. CalHR anticipated the second letter would be issued in time for the increases to be included in the July paychecks. At this point, it appears the letter may not be finalized and sent until late July or early August. If that occurs, CalHR has assured us that the authorized increases will be retroactive to July 1.

We are working with CalHR in an effort to expedite the process so this long-standing issue can finally be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your continuing patience and support of PECG’s efforts.

Cathrina Barros                                  Alan Escarda
PECG President                                 PECG Vice President, Supervisory