13.1 Layoff and Reemployment

a. Application

Whenever it is necessary because of a lack of work or funds, or whenever it is advisable in the interest of economy to reduce the number of permanent and/or probationary employees (hereinafter known as “employees”) in any State agency, the State may lay off employees pursuant to this Section.

b. Order of Layoff

Employees shall be laid off in order of seniority pursuant to Government Code Sections 19997.2 through 19997.7 and applicable State Personnel Board and Department of Human Resources rules.

c. Notice

Employees compensated on a monthly basis shall be notified 30 calendar days in advance of the effective date of layoff. Where notices are mailed, the 30-calendar-day time period will begin to run on date of mailing of the notice. The State agrees to notify PECG no later than 30 calendar days prior to the actual date of layoff.

d. Transfer or Demotion in Lieu of Layoff

The State may offer affected employees a transfer or a demotion in lieu of layoff pursuant to Government Code Sections 19997.8 through 19997.10 and applicable Department of Human Resources rules. If an employee refuses a transfer or demotion, the employee shall be laid off.

e. Reemployment

In accordance with Government Code Sections 19997.11 and 19997.12, the State shall establish a reemployment list by class for all employees who are laid off. Such lists shall take precedence over all other types of employment lists for the classes in which employees were laid off. Employees shall be certified from department or subdivisional reemployment lists in accordance with Section 19056 of the Government Code.

f. State Service Credit for Layoff Purposes

In determining seniority scores, one point shall be allowed for each qualifying monthly pay period of full-time State service regardless of when such service occurred. A pay period in which a full-time employee works eleven or more days will be considered a qualifying pay period except that when an absence from State service resulting from a temporary or permanent separation for more than eleven consecutive working days falls into two consecutive qualifying pay periods, the second pay period shall be disqualified.

g. Departments filling vacancies shall offer positions to employees facing layoff, demotion in lieu of layoff or mandatory geographic transfer who meet the minimum qualifications for the vacancy being filled, provided that the vacancy is equivalent in salary and responsibility and in the same geographic area and bargaining unit.

h. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of any portion of this layoff provision shall be resolved solely through the procedures established in Government Code section 19997.14. The hearing officer’s decision shall be final and upon its issuance the Department of Human Resources (CalHR) shall adopt the hearing officer’s decision as its own. In the event that either the employee(s) or appointing power seeks judicial review of the decision pursuant to Government Code section 19815.8, CalHR, in responding thereto, shall not be precluded from making arguments of fact or law that are contrary to those set forth in the decision.