22.1 Training

The State agrees to reimburse bargaining unit employees for expenses incurred as a result of attending job-required courses as authorized by the department. Such reimbursement shall be limited to tuition and/or registration fees, cost of course-required books, transportation or mileage expenses, toll and parking fees, and lodging and subsistence expenses.

Reimbursement for the above expenses shall be in accordance with existing Administrative Code sections except as otherwise provided in this MOU. When training occurs during normal working hours, the employee shall receive his/her regular salary.

The State shall reimburse bargaining unit employees for departmentally-approved expenses incurred as a result of attending authorized job-related or career-related training or education in accordance with CalHR rules.

Each department, at the request of an employee required to upgrade their current driver’s license to a Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license and appropriate endorsements because of the new State Law effective January 1, 1989, will make available to the employee any information prepared by the Department of Motor Vehicles covering the commercial driver’s license examination.