On-Call/Standby is time during which an employee is required to restrict activities and be available for return to work.  An employee is not considered to be in On-Call/Standby status unless he or she has previously been informed by the employer of the assignment.

A PUC Unit 9 employee who is notified that he/she is being placed On-Call/Standby as defined below, shall receive On-Call/Standby pay.  On-Call/Standby hours will be accumulated during the term of the pay period and shall be compensated at the rate of two (2) hours of pay (cash or CTO at the employer’s discretion), for each eight (8) hours of On-Call/Standby in accordance with the chart below.  Employees may only accrue up to six (6) hours of pay for each twenty-four (24) hour period of On-Call/Standby. An employee placed on On-Call/Standby shall respond by phone within fifteen (15) minutes of the call and report for work, if so required, within one (1) hour from initial contact or within a reasonable time frame as agreed to by the supervisor, for employees living beyond one (1) hour from the work site.

On-Call/Standby exists under the following conditions:

  1. The employee must be readily accessible by phone or pager, and
  2. The employee is obligated to return to work in a fit and able condition to assume his/her duties.

An employee who is actually called into work while On-Call/Standby, shall be compensated in accordance with the call-back provisions of this agreement.  Compensation earned as a result of On-Call/Standby shall not be considered time worked for purposes of qualifying for overtime.



1 .25
2 .50
3 .75
4 1.00
5 1.25
6 1.50
7 1.75
8 2.00

Fractional hours On-Call/Standby, 15 minutes or greater will be rounded up to the next whole hour.