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3.1 Salary Parity for Unit 9

The State and PECG will continue to complete the salary survey of Unit 9.  This survey will include the Professional Engineer Benchmarks that utilize the California public agencies and the University of California included in the department’s survey dated December 2002, and the local agency classifications and salary range matches contained therein.  The salary survey for those classifications and agencies shall be current data.  The agencies and classifications included in the survey shall only be changed upon agreement between CalHR and PECG.

Survey Methodology:

  1. All steps in each salary range shall be increased by the same percentage.  The salary for intermediate classifications in ranges between the Entry and Supervisory levels shall be based on prorating or interpolating the salaries.
  2. All salary increases shall be rounded to the nearest dollar.  In no event shall salaries be reduced as a result of this provision.  CalHR and PECG may negotiate salaries above the minimum level on any general, regional, specialty, classification, department, or other basis they choose to agree upon.
  3. Salaries for Unit 9 employees shall be increased as appropriate to correspond to the timing of the salaries received by local agency employees included in the survey.

By mutual agreement CalHR and PECG can meet to discuss benchmarks and methodologies.

Beginning with the January 2016 salary survey, the calculation of the salary lead or lag for Unit 9 employees shall be based on the weighted average salaries of employees in the classifications in the surveyed agencies as of January 1.

Notwithstanding the above provisions, salary increases pursuant to this section shall not be provided during the term of this MOU.

The most current version of the salary survey will be posted on the CalHR website.