PECG’s Meet and Confer Team is happy to report that CalHR (representing the State) has agreed to extend the benefits of PECG’s 2021 Side Letter to Unit 9 supervisors and managers.  The Meet and Confer Team represents PECG in all discussions with CalHR on Unit 9 supervisory and managerial pay and benefit matters.

It is an undeniable truth – PECG has delivered unparalleled victories on behalf of Unit 9 supervisors and managers like you.  Thanks to PECG, Unit 9 supervisors and managers have seen:

  • Salaries go up by at least 97% in the last 16 years, by far the largest increase in state service.
  • CalPERS pensions have been protected.
  • Our health care CoBen benefits are the highest in state service.
  • Our jobs have been protected from outsourcing.

This level of success didn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of the united strength and collective effort of 11,000 PECG members, including over 1,700 supervisors and managers, working together to achieve our shared goals.

February 23, 2022

As a PECG-represented state supervisor or manager, PECG negotiates your salary, benefits, and working conditions with CalHR (representing the Governor’s Administration) through the meet and confer process.  You are represented by a Meet and Confer Team made up of your fellow supervisors from around the state.

PECG’s meet and confer representation has brought Unit 9 supervisors and managers negotiated pay increases of over 97% in the last 16 years.  PECG has also fought successfully to protect your CalPERS pension from constant, ongoing attacks and improve your health care and other benefits.

We’ve achieved these objectives by working together and listening to you – PECG supervisors and managers.  Today, the Meet and Confer Team wants to hear your pay and benefits priorities going forward.  Thanks to the work of the Meet and Confer Team, last year, CalHR agreed to extend the benefits of PECG’s 2021 Side Letter to Unit 9 supervisors and managers.  The Side Letter provided a 5.58% salary increase on July 1, 2021, and ended the PLP 2020 program.  What are your priorities for 2022 and beyond?

The PECG 2022 Supervisors and Managers Pay and Benefits Survey is available only to supervisory and managerial members.  Unfortunately, our records indicate that you are not a PECG member.  If you would like to have your survey tabulated with those of other supervisors and managers, please join PECG today.  This is an online survey.  You may wish to forward this survey to your personal computer, rather than a state computer, to respond.  To participate in the survey, please send an email to

June 30, 2021

PECG delivers thanks to the overwhelming support of our members.  The latest example is PECG’s successful extension of the provisions of PECG’s 2021 Side Letter – which provides a 5.58% pay raise and ends the PLP 2020 program – to our supervisory and managerial members.

A high percentage of membership is PECG’s source of power at the meet and confer and bargaining tables, and provides the resources necessary to effectively advocate for our members in all venues – the Governor’s Administration, Legislature, courts, media, State agencies and departments, and CalPERS.

Thanks to our strong and committed membership, PECG has an unprecedented record of delivering for supervisors and managers:

  • Our salaries have increased by more than 97% over the last 15 years.
  • Defined-benefit pensions have been protected from countless attacks.
  • Our health care co-ben benefits are the best in state service.
  • State engineering work is overwhelmingly performed by public servants like you – and not outsourced.
  • Our members receive expert representation on employment and professional issues from experienced attorneys and labor relations specialists.

Would you have done as well, negotiating alone with the State of California for your own pay and benefits?  The answer is of course not.  Our success, your success, is the result of a committed membership working together to achieve our shared goals.

As a supervisor or manager, you are eligible to join PECG, but our records indicate that you are currently not a member.  PECG would like to invite you to join the over 1,700 Unit 9 supervisory and managerial colleagues who are currently members.

If you join today using PECG’s online application, we will send you all the details about the PECG 2021 Side Letter and you can start enjoying the benefits of membership immediately.

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to serving you as a PECG member!