PECG can only be strong and effective with membership support.  Achieving and maintaining a high level of PECG membership is the key to improving the pay, pensions, health care and job security of our members.  A high percentage of membership is PECG’s source of power at the bargaining table, and provides the resources necessary to effectively advocate for our members in all venues – the Governor’s Administration, Legislature, courts, media, state agencies and departments, and CalPERS.

A high membership level also greatly increases the likelihood that we will have engaged leaders and members invested in PECG’s continued success and dedicated to the PECG way of doing business.  Building a strong and engaged membership takes planning.  These tools were designed to help PECG leaders and interested member volunteers understand and support the recruitment and retention program, and encourage them to be part of its implementation.

If you have any questions, please contact PECG Headquarters by email to or by calling (916) 446-0400.

Membership Program – PECG Delivers!

The primary theme of the membership program is that PECG delivers competitive pay, pension protection, highest health care reimbursement and job protection from outsourcing!  Thanks to a strong and committed membership, we have an unprecedented record of delivering for our members due to PECG’s efforts at the bargaining table, in the meet and confer process, in the Legislature, in state departments and in the courts.  These victories and countless more can only be accomplished by members, including supervisors and managers, who know from years of experience that we are strong when we work together.

As a result of PECG’s recruitment program:

  • Our salaries have gone up more than 91% for rank-and-file members, and more than 103% for supervisory and managerial members, over the last 18 years.
  • Our pensions have been protected from countless statewide ballot measures attacking them.
  • Health care benefits are the best in state service, with 85% of our premiums, and 80% of our dependents’ premiums, picked up by the state.
  • Work is overwhelmingly performed by state staff – PECG-represented public servants – and not outsourced.

Every state engineer and related professional should be a PECG member.  PECG’s success, the success of all Unit 9 professionals, is the result of collective bargaining.  And PECG’s strength is entirely dependent on the support of our membership.

The recruitment program also emphasizes the expert representation provided to PECG members by labor relations consultants and lawyers who have decades of experience in representing state engineers and related professionals on all of their work-related issues including adverse actions, dismissals, suspensions, salary reductions, rejections during probation, investigatory interviews, EEO investigations, performance evaluations, performance issues, promotion issues, SPB merit appeals, and unlawful appointments.  If PECG members ever have a problem at work or need expert help, expert PECG staff will be there for them.

Member Recruitment Program

The very best recruiter of a PECG member is a PECG member.  Rank-and-file members are best to recruit rank-and-file employees, supervisors and managers are best to recruit supervisors and managers.  PECG staff works closely with Section leadership and interested member volunteers to ensure we have an in person one-on-one recruitment effort from local Section representatives and PECG headquarters on a continuing basis.  Section leaders and recruiters are provided with talking points, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and PECG swag (logo items) to help them recruit new members.

PECG Makes Joining Easy – And Incentivizes Recruitment

Our membership recruitment program includes an online e-application that allows users to sign up for membership in minutes at  PECG’s membership recruitment program rewards PECG members who recruit new members by paying $50 per rank-and-file signup and $200 per supervisor/manager signup.