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River City Section Committees:

Communications Committee: Newsletters, Website, Outreach

Mission Statement
The Communications Committee is dedicated to providing and updating our River City Section Members with PECG information as well as River City Section specific events/resources.

Lunch Meets
Lunch Meets is a NEW method for River City Section Members to network and meet other professionals in our Section. Lunch Meets sets up you and three other members from our River City Section for a virtual lunch. This opportunity allows you to meet other members from our Section, share work experiences, and develop mentor/mentee relationships. A list of questions will be provided to participants to stimulate the conversation. Participants will be prioritized to participate in River City Section sponsored lunches during their Lunch Meets Post-COVID19, !

Sign up HERE!

River City Section Website
The River City Section Website organizes information specific to our Section as well as information pertaining to PECG. Be sure to check out the Section calendar for upcoming events!

Quarterly Newsletter
Our quarterly newsletters keeps our River City Section members up to date with PECG activities as well as our Section events. The members in the Communications Committee write these newsletters which contains updates from PECG Cooperate, River City Section Events, as well as our Section’s Committee activities.

Committee Meetings
The Committee meets every few weeks to discuss the items above. We welcome our River City Section members to drop in on a meeting to hear more about our activities!

If you are interested in learning more about the Communications Committee, please contact

Learning Resources Committee

Mission Statement
The mission of the Learning Resources Committee is to provide Members with additional resources regarding licensure in their field. This includes things such as steps to obtain a professional license, connecting with others who are studying for exams, and money saving tips on exam fees and materials.

Study Sessions
The Committee plans to host monthly sessions for Members who are interested in collaborating with others and share knowledge on application processes, reimbursement procedures, and exam material. Sessions are not intended to replace exam preparation courses or content, but aim to connect members who may have similar questions or can share solutions to difficult problems.

Committee Meetings
Our meetings are open to Members! If you are interested in attending a meeting, please email one of the contacts below. We are always interested in hearing from you and welcome any help we can get.

Links To Resources

Professional Licensure Flowchart
Study Group Spreadsheet


Chair – Lang Khang
Member – Sahand Rastegarpour
Member – Annabelle Carter

Member Support Committee

Mission Statement
The Member Support Committee is dedicated to creating and organizing PECG resources to support our members’ wellbeing and prosperity. The Committee is for our members, by our members.


  • Explore ways to improve current maternity/paternity leave benefits for Bargaining Unit 9 (BU 9). Winter 2019/ongoing.
  • Member Appreciation Care Package. Summer 2020.
  • Supervisors Appreciation Care Package. Winter 2020.

Maternity/Paternity Leave Initiative

Current Maternity Leave Benefits
The State’s outdated Maternity Leave program offers six weeks of leave only for females. The amount of supplemental income also depends on the type of leave program the employee is enrolled in. Male employees and adoptive parents are not eligible to receive compensation for time off for leave. The limited leave time may generate strain and difficulties during a time when the health of our members is vital. In addition, complications during pregnancy and unforeseen events can create financial stress on our members and/or their partners during.

Proposed Maternity/Paternity Leave
The Committee is exploring the support of 12 weeks of paid family leave for both male and female BU 9 employees. This approach will use the current benefits offered under the State Disability Insurance (SDI) program as a guide to determine who will be included. This proposal will provide paid leave and an increase of wage replacement percentage to allow BU 9 employees time to bond with their child and lessen the financial burden while on leave. This proposal will:

  • Reduce the inequalities in family leave between BU 9 employees and the private sector and other bargaining units that have SDI.
  • Contribute to the healthy development of a BU 9 employee’s family.
  • Promote time-off for parents and caregivers to care for and bond with very young children without jeopardizing their income.
  • Promote family financial preparedness.
  • Could help increase the percentage of women working in BU 9.
  • Incentivize younger professionals to seek a career in state service and learn from our veteran staff.
  • Promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • Support Governor Newson’s goal to expand Paid Family Leave in California.

Committee Meetings
As of November 2020, the Committee meets about once a month to discuss the items above. We welcome our River City Section members to drop in on a meeting to hear more about our activities! If you are interested in learning more about the Member Support Committee, please contact

Philanthropy Committee

Mission Statement

The PECG River City Section Philanthropy Committee is dedicated to supporting the education, endeavors, and wellbeing of our PECG members and community. As a fundamental part of PECG’s values, the Committee engages in offering academic scholarships, sponsoring STEM programs, and volunteering for local organizations.

River City Section Scholarships

The PECG River City Section is proud to offer two $500 scholarships for students that are currently enrolled as high school juniors/seniors or in a college/university that are interested in or studying a PECG-related field of study. Additionally, the River City Section is also offering two scholarship for students in our community. It is our hope that these scholarships will serve to support the academic endeavors of future engineers, geologists, computer scientists, and other related professions. For more information, please reference the links below:

PECG River City Section Member/Dependent Scholarship Application
General Community Scholarship Application

Philanthropy Events

No in-person events are planned at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though the Philanthropy Committee is looking into potential opportunities for virtual events. Past events include:

  • American River Clean-Up
  • Sacramento County Academic Decathlon
  • Sacramento Regional Science Bowl
  • Square Root Academy’s Great STEM Summit
  • Square Root Academy’s Hack the Park
  • STEM for Girls

Committee Meetings

The Philanthropy Committee generally meets once a month to plan upcoming philanthropic opportunities, and more frequently when an event approaches. If you are interested in learning more about the Philanthropy Committee, or have suggestions for events, please contact the Karmina Padgett at

Political Liaison Committee

Mission Statement

The Political Liaison Committee works in a non-partisan capacity with the PECG Corporate Political Liaison Committee to magnify our voice in the political sphere. The committee assists likeminded and PECG member candidates through volunteer driven, non-financial means.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets as needed. Generally, more frequently during election cycles. If you are interested in joining the committee, volunteering for political events, or know a candidate you’d like us to support, please reach out to us at the “Contact Us” tab on the ribbon at the top of this webpage. Note, if you are a PECG Member and are running for any office (From HOA to Senator), we want to hear from you! When it comes to getting our members elected, PECG Delivers!


We rely entirely on volunteers and do not contribute money toward candidates. Volunteers come from members, friends, family, or others interested in participating in the political process. The committee cultivates relationships with our local leaders by employing people power in phone/text banking, precinct walking, and event attendance. We are always in need of volunteers, as the more participation we have, the more influence we exert. If interested, please use the “Contact Us” tab to hear more about our ongoing campaigns or meetings.

“Do I Smell Free Food?”

If you join us for outreach events, then yes, yes that is free food you are smelling. Brought to you by the River City Political Liaison Committee.

We’re always looking for likeminded individuals to be a part of our Committees.

If you are interested in joining a committee or simply learning more, please contact Karmina Padgett at

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