To maintain your membership and your insurance with PECG when you retire, please fill out the electronic authorization form.  The PECG retired membership dues are $8 per month.  At age 70, your dues will drop to $4 per month.

Maintaining your PECG membership will provide you with access to a representative should you run into problems with your CalPERS pension and health care benefits.  Your membership also includes $1,500 basic term life insurance and $1,500 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policies for those under age 70, and allows you to continue any supplemental life insurance you may have purchased through our group policy.

You will also continue to receive PECG’s emailed Weekly Update, PECG’s monthly newsletter, THE INFORMER, and PECG’s annual pocket and wall calendars.  Of course, you will also continue to enjoy PECG’s low cost group auto and homeowner insurance, as well as substantial savings on consumer goods and vacation discounts.

Your role in building and maintaining the state’s infrastructure and providing the services needed by all Californians is appreciated.  We wish you a well-deserved and enjoyable retirement.

If you have any questions about PECG membership or your retirement, please contact PECG’s headquarters office in Sacramento at 916-446-0400 (or at 1-800-338-1480 if you are outside of California).

To sign up for retired PECG membership, please click here for the electronic authorization form.