on Twitter to get instant information from PECG

If you already have a Twitter account, just click here to follow @PECG in your Twitter feed.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, simply click here to follow @PECG then click “Sign Up.”  All you have to do is set up a user name and password and you can follow PECG on Twitter!

An added feature allows you to get our updates sent to your cell phone in the form of a text message.  Go to “settings” and click on the “mobile” tab to add your phone number, and then turn the alert on for PECG on your “Following” page.

If Twitter is blocked at work, just check us out when you get home tonight!

The address is easy to remember:  www.twitter.com/pecg.

If you need assistance, please contact Brandon Cheathon at the PECG Sacramento office at bcheathon@pecg.org or (916) 446-0400.