Group Life Insurance

Excellent Group Life Insurance Coverage
Available for PECG Members!

PECG offers discounted group plan life insurance coverage for PECG members and their dependents. Due to group rates, plan features are better and the cost is lower than most other individual or group plans.

PECG members are automatically covered for $5,000 life insurance and $1,500 accidental death and dismemberment coverage, as a benefit of membership at no cost. Members have the option to purchase up to an additional $521,000 in life insurance, and up to $255,000 in dependent coverage. The low monthly premiums (taken through payroll deduction) offer members an opportunity to provide security for their family members economically and conveniently.

The PECG package of insurance benefits includes coverage for dependent children, accidental death and dismemberment, and long-term disability.

Enrollment forms and informational brochures are now all available below. The brochures answer common questions such as “when am I eligible?” “when is coverage effective?” and provides complete descriptions of amounts of insurance and the costs for each.

If you have questions, call the PECG insurance administrator at (415) 956-1344 or via email at

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Change Your Beneficiary. If you wish to change your insurance beneficiary, complete this beneficiary designation card, clip and mail to your nearest PECG office.

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Auto and Homeowners Insurance

PECG provides for auto and homeowner insurance at reduced rates through payroll deduction.

For information about Auto and Homeowners Insurance:

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