What is PECG?

The Professional Engineers in California Government is your exclusive representative and negotiates a labor contract covering your pay and benefits — including health insurance, retirement, paid leave and working conditions.  PECG was formed in 1962 for the sole purpose of representing state employed engineers, engineering geologists, land surveyors, architects, landscape architects, air pollution specialists, and related professionals like you.  PECG is an independent organization run by a group of your colleagues who are elected by the members.  Top-notch lawyers, contract negotiators, lobbyists, labor consultants and media specialists represent us individually and collectively.  We are proud of our unprecedented record of delivering for our members and hope you will join us today.

Am I a PECG Member?

Unless you’ve filled out a membership application card, you are not.  To join PECG, please complete the e-membership application and enjoy the benefits of membership immediately.

Why Join PECG?

PECG delivers for state engineers, engineering geologists, land surveyors, architects, landscape architects, air pollution specialists, and related professionals like you.

Thanks to a strong and committed PECG membership:

  • Our salaries will have gone up by more than 85% over the last 16 years, due to PECG’s efforts at the bargaining table.
  • Our defined-benefit pensions are protected because PECG has successfully blocked countless statewide ballot measures attacking our pensions.
  • Our health care benefits are the best in state service, with 85% of our premiums and 80% of our dependents’ premiums picked up by the state.
  • Our work is overwhelmingly performed by state staff – public servants like you and me – and not outsourced, thanks to PECG’s tireless work in the Legislature, in state departments, and in the courts.

These victories and countless more could only be accomplished by a membership that knows from years of experience that we are stronger when we work together.

To become a member now, please click here to complete the application.

PECG is our voice at the bargaining table, in the workplace, in the Legislature and in the Courts. PECG works to negotiate higher salaries for us and to protect our retirement and other benefits. Over the last 16 years, PECG has negotiated salary increases well over 85 percent. You can read our current MOU (labor contract) at www.pecg.org.

PECG also represents our professional interests with the Board of Registration and our retirement interests with CalPERS.

PECG sponsors legislation to improve and protect our jobs and vigorously opposes bills that would harm us. PECG has long fought against the wasteful outsourcing of our jobs at twice the cost and protects our interests in the annual State Budget Act.

PECG has a media and public relations program which educates the public and decision makers about the important work we do to protect our infrastructure, air and water. We’ve even produced Emmy award winning documentaries highlighting our work. We participate in engineering and science fairs and help introduce engineering and other STEM curriculum into our schools.

If you need individual representation related to your employment interests, a professional PECG attorney or staff person is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Benefits of PECG Membership

The many benefits of membership are briefly outlined here and can be reviewed in greater detail here.

Exclusive Voting Rights

Vote in ratification elections for our labor contracts.

Exclusive Voting Rights

Vote for PECG Section and Corporate leaders, and run for elected PECG office.

Free Life Insurance

$5,000 in free life insurance with the option to purchase more at low group premium rates.

PECG Scholarship Program

Member and dependent scholarships awarded annually.

Exclusive Savings for Home and Auto Insurance

Savings on Liberty mutual auto and home owner insurance paid through payroll deduction.

Theme Park and Consumer Discounts

Substantial savings on theme parks, vacation activities, car rentals, and consumer discounts.