A Span in Time tells the scintillating saga of the 2007 Labor Day weekend Bay Bridge construction project, with the now-legendary C.C. Myers as the contractor. During a three-day bridge closure, Myers’ and Caltrans’ teams demolished and removed a football field-size bridge, rolled in a new pre-constructed replacement span, and finished the amazingly challenging job eleven hours ahead of schedule! The film tells the story from the perspectives of the construction contractor, Caltrans engineers and designers, and two of the reporters who covered the story. Hilarious cartoon animation introduces soon-to-be-legendary TV anchor “Max Tabloid,” who reports on the story as it unfolds on the screen.

This Emmy Award winning half hour special was produced and directed by David L. Brown, with animation by Charlie Canfield, both of whom won Emmy Awards for the “The Bridge So Far,” their previous entertainment/documentary on the Bay Bridge.

A Span in Time was sponsored by the Professional Engineers in California Government.

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