PECG is pleased to announce the release of two new membership recruitment videos to help non-members learn more about PECG’s history, long record of delivering for state engineers and related professionals, and the importance of union membership to achieve our shared goals.

Produced as part of the successful PECG Delivers! membership recruitment campaign – these short videos explain the connection between PECG member solidarity and PECG’s successes delivering competitive pay, pension protection, high health care reimbursement rates, job protection from outsourcing, and professional representation.

The first video is tailored to rank and file Unit 9 employees new to state service.  The second video is aimed at supervisors and managers.  Each video runs about 2 minutes

The videos provide PECG leaders and members a dynamic recruiting tool that will reside here on PECG’s website and on PECG’s YouTube page for linking in emails, posting on social media, and streaming to desktop and mobile devices.  That flexibility makes the videos useful as icebreakers in one-on-one conversations, for presentations during new employee orientation (NEO) meetings, to enrich recruiting emails, or even as a talking points refresher before speaking to non-members about the importance of PECG membership.  Shorter versions of the videos will be available soon.

Please use the videos as part of your recruitment efforts and let us know how it goes.  Joining PECG has never been easier with PECG’s e-application available at  And, of course, PECG offers cash rewards for recruiting new members: $50 per rank and file employee and $200 per Unit 9 supervisor or manager.

Here’s How PECG Delivers for Supervisors and Managers!