Here’s How PECG Delivers for Supervisors and Managers

It is an undeniable truth — PECG has delivered unparalleled victories on behalf of Unit 9 supervisors and managers like you.  Thanks to PECG, Unit 9 supervisors and managers have seen:

  • Salaries have gone up by more than 103% over the last 18 years, by far the largest increase in state service.
  • CalPERS pensions have been protected.
  • Our health care benefits are the highest in state service.
  • Our jobs have been protected from outsourcing.

This level of success didn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of the united strength and collective effort of 14,000 PECG members, including over 2,000 supervisors and managers, working together to achieve our shared goals.

As a supervisor or manager, you are eligible to be a PECG member.  In fact, 62% of senior engineers and related professionals are PECG members because they know PECG is dedicated to what’s important: improved pay, protecting our pensions, affordable health care and other benefits, stopping the outsourcing of our work, and providing expert professional representation.

To support PECG’s future efforts to improve our pay, pension and health care, please join PECG today.

With the unified support of members, PECG Delivers!

These victories and countless more could only be accomplished by a membership that knows from years of experience that we are stronger when we work together.

To become a member now, please click here to complete the application.