PECG Recommendations for the Primary Election on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

PECG Statewide Ballot Measure Positions

The PECG Board of Directors voted unanimously to support Proposition 13 on the March ballot and strongly urges PECG members to vote YES!  Prop. 13 would authorize $15 billion in bonds for school repairs, upgrades and safety measures.  This includes $9 billion for preschool and K-12 schools, $4 billion for universities, and $2 billion for community colleges.

PECG members at the Department of General Service’s Division of State Architect (DSA) perform plan review and construction oversight of school and community college construction in California.  PECG members also work in DTSC’s Brownfields Restoration and School Evaluation Branch, which is responsible for assessing, investigating and cleaning up proposed school sites.

PECG Legislative Candidate Endorsements

*Open Seat
**Challenging Incumbent

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Assembly Candidates

Jim Wood
Jim Wood D-Healdsburg, AD 02
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Cecilia Aguiar-CurryD-Napa, AD 04
Kevin McCarty
Kevin McCartyD-Sacramento, AD 07
Ken Cooley
Ken CooleyD-Rancho Cordova, AD 08
Jim Cooper
Jim CooperD-Elk Grove, AD 09
Marc Levine
Marc LevineD-San Rafael, AD 10
Jim Frazier
Jim FrazierD-Oakley, AD 11
Heath Flora
Heath FloraR-Modesto, AD 12
Kathy Miller
Kathy MillerD-Stockton, AD 13*
Tim Grayson
Tim GraysonD-Concord, AD 14
Buffy Wicks
Buffy WicksD-Oakland, AD 15
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
Rebecca Bauer-KahanD-Orinda, AD 16
David Chiu
David ChiuD-San Francisco, AD 17
Rob Bonta
Rob BontaD-Alameda, AD 18
Phil Ting
Phil TingD-San Francisco, AD 19
Bill Quirk
Bill QuirkD-Hayward, AD 20
Adam Gray
Adam GrayD-Merced, AD 21
Kevin Mullin
Kevin MullinD-South San Francisco, AD 22
Marc Berman
Marc BermanD-Menlo Park, AD 24
Anne Kepner
Anne KepnerD-Santa Clara, AD 25*
Ash Kalra
Ash KalraD-San Jose, AD 27
Evan Low
Evan LowD-Campbell, AD 28
Mark Stone
Mark StoneD-Scotts Valley, AD 29
Robert Rivas
Robert RivasD-Hollister, AD 30
Joaquin Arambula
Joaquin ArambulaD-Fresno, AD 31
Rudy Salas, Jr.
Rudy Salas, Jr.D-Bakersfield, AD 32
Tom Lackey
Tom LackeyR-Palmdale, AD 36
Luz Rivas
Luz RivasD-Arleta, AD 39
James Ramos
James RamosD-Highland, AD 40
Chris Holden
Chris HoldenD-Pasadena, AD 41
Laura Friedman
Laura FriedmanD-Glendale, AD 43
Jacqui Irwin
Jacqui IrwinD-Thousand Oaks, AD 44
Jesse Gabriel
Jesse GabrielD-Encino, AD 45
Adrin Nazarian
Adrin NazarianD-Sherman Oaks, AD 46
Eloise Gomez Reyes
Eloise Gomez ReyesD-San Bernardino, AD 47
Blanca Rubio
Blanca RubioD-West Covina, AD 48
Ed Chau
Ed ChauD-Arcadia, AD 49
Richard Bloom
Richard BloomD-Santa Monica, AD 50
Wendy Carrillo
Wendy CarrilloD-Los Angeles, AD 51
Freddie Rodriguez
Freddie RodriguezD-Pomona, AD 52
Miguel Santiago
Miguel SantiagoD-Los Angeles, AD 53
Sydney Kamlager Dove
Sydney Kamlager DoveD-Los Angeles, AD 54
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew RodriguezD-Walnut, AD 55**
Eduardo Garica
Eduardo GaricaD-Coachella, AD 56
Lisa Calderon
Lisa CalderonD-Los Angeles, AD 57*
Cristina Garcia
Cristina GarciaD-Bell Gardens, AD 58
Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Reggie Jones-SawyerD-Los Angeles, D59
Sabrina Cervantes
Sabrina CervantesD-Corona, AD 60
Jose Medina
Jose MedinaD-Riverside, AD 61
Autumn Burke
Autumn BurkeD-Inglewood, AD 62
Anthony Rendon
Anthony RendonD-Lakewood, AD 63
Mike Gipson
Mike GipsonD-Carson, AD 64
Sharon Quirk-Silva
Sharon Quirk-SilvaD-Fullerton, AD 65
Al Muratsuchi
Al MuratsuchiD-Manhattan Beach, AD 66
Melissa Fox
Melissa FoxD-Irvine, AD 68**
Tom Daly
Tom DalyD-Anaheim, AD 69
Patrick O’Donnell
Patrick O’DonnellD-Long Beach, AD 70
Cottie Petrie-Norris
Cottie Petrie-NorrisD-Laguna Beach, AD 74
Marie Waldron
Marie WaldronR-Escondido, AD 75
Tasha Boerner-Horvath
Tasha Boerner-HorvathD-Encinitas, AD 76
Brian Maienshein
Brian MaiensheinD-San Diego, AD 77
Chris Ward
Chris WardD-San Diego, AD 78*
Shirley Weber
Shirley WeberD-San Diego, AD 79
Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
Lorena Gonzalez-FletcherD-San Diego, AD 80

Senate Candidates

Bill Dodd
Bill DoddD-Napa, SD 03
Susan Eggman
Susan EggmanD-Stockton, SD 05*
Nancy Skinner
Nancy SkinnerD-Berkeley, SD 09
Scott Wiener
Scott WienerD-San Francisco, SD 11
Dave Cortese
Dave CorteseD-San Jose, SD 15*
John Laird
John LairdD-Santa Cruz, SD 17*
Monique Limon
Monique LimonD-Santa Barbara, SD 19*
Anthony Portantino
Anthony PortantinoD-La Cañada Flintridge, SD 25
Henry Stern
Henry SternD-Canoga Park, SD 27
Josh Newman
Josh NewmanD-Fullteron, SD 29**
Richard Roth
Richard RothD-Riverside, SD 31
Lena Gonzalez
Lena GonzalezD-Long Beach, SD 33
Steven Bradford
Steven BradfordD-Gardena, SD 35
Katrina Foley
Katrina FoleyD-Costa Mesa, SD 37**
Toni Atkins
Toni AtkinsD-San Diego, SD 39

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